Reimage: PC Repair Online
When your computer stops working properly, you immediately panic.
A quick restart of your PC and youíre back where you left off - except now you have errors
popping up, programs crashing and youíre lucky if you can even get to your email.

How do you get your PC back in working order?

How do you find and fix the damage that is actuallycausing these problems in the first place?
Reimage will instantly find and fix any damage thatís causing your PC to break down.

First: Use the Free Scan to immediately analyze all stability and security threats on your
PC. Within minutes, you can clearly see the harmful issues found.
Second: Repair by replacing missing and corrupted files with clean, original files
Third: Work without frustration on your optimized PC

Put an end to PC Frustration

Reimage quickly ends all your PC frustrations:

1. Refreshes Windows by deleting damaged files, and
replaces them with new, clean files
2. Repairs virus damage piece by piece with spare
parts from our online database
3. Restores operating stability by aligning all the files
and folders in a working configuration

Reimage: PC Repair Online

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Dr. Bill Martin

Dr. Bill Martin received his doctorate in education from Temple University in 1991 and continued there as an adjunct professor until 1995. In 1997, he worked at Monmouth University as an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Director of the Governor’s School on Public Issues. In his current online role at Monmouth University, he teaches New Jersey graduate students from his home in south central Pennsylvania.

Dr. Martin has spent most of his career working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in several capacities including Assistant Director of School Audits and Special Assistant to the Lieutenant Governor. Based in Harrisburg, he is currently a consulting manager in the Governor’s Office of Administration. His special interests include educational theory, online learning, group facilitation and organizational development. Dr. Martin has a master's degree in communications and a bachelor's degree in psychology.

He is married to Marianne Martin, a special education teacher, and has two children.

Updated 01-15-02

Harrisburg, PA is located about 180 miles from Monmouth University.