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The Really Big List of Classroom Management Resources
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The Really Big List of Classroom Management Resources

Say hello to our recently streamlined collection of classroom management and discipline websites, still (probably) the biggest on the World Wide Web. Originally created by a bleary-eyed and courageous band of Monmouth University graduate students who gave up one week of their lives scouring the entire Internet (well almost), this site has many of the best that cyberspace has to offer. There are classroom management techniques tailored to elementary and secondary education, discipline ideas for new and experienced teachers, tips for handling special education, suggestions for getting organized, strategies for preventing behavior problems, sample classroom rules, ways of creating a caring community, and information on new products and services. There are even  a few resources for those who question the basic premise of "classroom management." This site has it all!  For those of you that are interested only in the cream of the crop,  consider visiting The Really Best List of Classroom Management Resources. 

  1. Enforcing Class Rules
  2. Helping Students Succeed
  3. Back To School: Getting Reconnected Classroom Design
  4. Discipline Behavior Modification
  5. Classroom Discipline Resources for Educators
  6. Setting The Stage for Highs Standards - Elements for Effective School Discipline
  7. Practical classroom management tips
  8. A High School's Positive Discipline practice
  9. on Classroom Management
  10. Children and Adults with ADHD
  11. The Smarter College Classrooms Homepage
  12. Forum discussion on classroom management
  13. Behavior Management Strategies
  14. The Token Economy System
  15. Proactive Strategies for Teachers
  16. University of Washington's Center for Instructional Development: Classroom Management.
  17. Preparing Teachers for Conflict Resolution
  18. Center for Adolescent Studies at Indiana University - Classroom Management
  19. What is Your Classroom Management Profile? (Take a Quiz)
  20. Tips for Creating a Peaceful Classroom
  21. Tool for Successful Management
  22. E.L. Easton Classroom Management in the Language Classroom
  23. Clearinghouse on Educational Management
  24. Essayboy - Essays on Classroom Management.
  25. Ms. LeBeau's Webpage for classroom management and discipline
  26. Rubric on Classroom Management
  27. School Discipline & Classroom Management
  28. Classroom Strategies
  29. Classroom Management Tools for New Teachers
  30. Laura's Candler's File Cabinet Odds and Ends
  31. Web-Based Interactive Teacher Development In Classroom Management
  32. Working With Second Grader's to Successfully Follow Directions
  33. Helpful article about fairness and consistency in discipline
  34. 11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline
  35. Cooperative Learning in Diverse Classrooms
  36. Procedures and Routines
  37. Classroom Management and Discipline Tips
  38. Mrs. Melette's Third Grade Classroom Rules and Behavior Plan
  39. General Strategies for Teaching Students with Various Learning Disabilities
  40. Welcome to Classroom Management
  41. Effective room arranging
  42. Pro-active, positive strategies for supporting and developing balance, structure and joy in schools
  43. Wayne Summer's Classroom management and more!
  44. Creating Student-Generated Classroom Rules
  45. Classroom Management Strategies
  46. Classroom Jobs: How and Why to Assign Them
  47. How to Manage Your Time for Teachers
  48. Elementary Educators Classroom Management Ideas for the Beginning of the Year
  49. Kinder-L Archives: Classroom and Behavior Management
  50. Looksmart Resources
  51. Dr. Mac's Behavior Management Advice Site
  52. Classroom Scenarios for Discussion
  53. "I Messages" (a non-confrontational way to address misbehavior)
  54. Figuring Out Why Kids Misbehave
  55. Tips for Teachers Who Work With ESL Students
  56. Classroom Management Ideas from the First Grade Team Members
  57. Techniques that Backfire
  58. Stages of Discipline
  59. Four Steps for Better Classroom Discipline
  60. Advice for Parents and Teachers About Bullies and Victims
  61. Classroom Behavior Strategies
  62. Cliff Notes to Classroom Management?
  63. NEW classroom management and discipline!
  64. Elementary School Ideas
  65. Management tips for times when weather or holidays may affect your classroom
  66. Statistics on School Actions Towards Discipline & Violence Issues
  67. Strategies for Classroom Management from the Florida Department of Education
  68. "Are You With It?" Managing an Efficient Classroom
  69. Creating a Positive Climate for Learning
  70. Tips for PE teachers for a successful classroom
  71. Classroom Management: Prevention and Intervention
  72. Hut one, hut two, hut three, GO! DISCIPLINE!
  73. The Primary Page on Classroom Management
  74. Cute Classroom Management Ideas
  75. Responsible Thinking Process Discipline Strategy (Using Perceptual Control Theory)
  76. Ripple Effects of Classroom Management
  77. Indiana State University - Classroom Management and Discipline
  78. Create a Custom Classroom for Free
  79. Kathy Schrock's Guide For Teachers with Great Categorized Bulletin Board Suggestions
  80. Conflict Resolution a Sample Lesson Plan
  81. Understanding Problem Behavior an Interactive Tutorial
  82. Positive Reinforcement: A Self-Instructional Exercise
  83. Classroom Rules for Behavior and Seating Charts
  84. Teacher Caused Discipline Problems
  85. Rules for Making Rules that Work for You
  86. Checklist for Teachers: Model for Classroom Management
  87. Classroom Management Chatboard
  88. Educators for Social Responsibility Presents Conflict Resolution Lesson Plans
  89. How to Create and Enforce Classroom Rules
  90. Ideas for dealing with many different types of behavior
  91. Proteacher discipline plans
  92. Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution
  93. Class Management: A Thinking and Caring Approach
  94. Why Positive Reinforcement Works
  95. Behavior Analysis Template
  96. Classroom Management
  97. School Psychology Resources On-Line-ADHD Classroom Management Strategies
  98. Simple Ways to Help Children with Special Needs
  99. Assertive Discipline Information
  100. Setting the Stage for High Standards Elements of Effective School Discipline
  101. AFT Back to School Classroom Management Study Guide
  102. Making Lemons Into Lemonade: Use Positives for Disciplining Children
  103. AskJeeves for Schools "Teachers Analyze" PDF downloads for Effective Time Management
  104. School Manner's Madness
  105. Classroom Accommodations
  106. D&W's Classroom Management
  107. My Classroom Discipline Plan
  108. A Middle School Teacher's Web Site with a Lot of Behavior Management Information
  109. Ideas for Many Areas of Classroom Management
  110. Setting the Tone for the Year
  111. How To Simplify Grading Workload
  112. Ways to Energize Your Students
  113. Tips for Getting Organized
  114. Displaying Rules
  115. Classroom Discipline and Management Tips (Involving Students)
  116. Defiant Disorders in Elementary Classrooms
  117. Instructional Strategies for Classroom Teachers and Student Management
  118. ASCD Takes a Look at Classroom Management
  119. Classroom Jobs - Classroom Management
  120. Cambridge Center For Behavioral Studies, Techniques For Teachers
  121. Dr. Mac's Behavior Management Site
  122. Change Behavior in Schools
  123. Belinda Harris' Classroom Management Page
  124. Teacher's fear of losing control
  125. Campus School on Classroom Management
  126. Classroom Management Tips from the Busy Bee
  127. Thoughts on Teaching by a Teacher
  128. Strategies for Teaching Children With Behavior Disorders
  129. Classroom Management Steps for Use of Technology in the Classroom
  130. School Discipline for Students with ADD/ADHD
  131. IKE Project Classroom Management Tips
  132. College of Saint Benedict/St. John's University
  133. Consistency Management & Cooperative Discipline
  134. About Conducting Conduct: Classroom Management Program
  135. Discipline In The Classroom
  136. Creative Classroom Online K-8
  137. Adding Variety & Fun to a Class Period
  138. Classroom Management - CSRnet
  139. Classroom Accommodations
  140. Classroom Management Resources
  141. 101 tips for Disciplining Students with ADD
  142. You Can Handle Them All
  143. Classroom Logistics for 7/8 grade Science
  144. Mrs. Dowling's Classroom Info. Page
  145. A Guide for Prospective Teachers
  146. Conventional Classroom Discipline
  147. Misbehavior Techniques for You
  148. School Discipline. ERIC Digest, Number 78.
  149. Managing Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom
  150. Handling Peer Conflicts in the Classroom
  151. The Risks of Rewards by Alfie Kohn
  152. How to use Conflict Resolution in Your Classroom
  153. Who Really Runs the School?
  154. Dewey, Discipline, and Democracy
  155. Checklist for Teachers- Models for Classroom Management
  156. NCEF Full Text Online Classroom Design Resources.
  157. Rewards, Rewards and More Rewards
  158. Advise for First Year Teachers From the Principals Who Hired Them
  159. Playground Pass Creates Recess Success
  160. Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems: A Classroom Management Handbook
  161. Speaking of Classroom Management
  162. Ten Web Sites for Exploring Conflict Resolution in the Classroom
  163. Conflict Resolution Education: Four Approaches
  164. How to know when a discipline problem is really a problem
  165. Classroom Management: Ten Teacher-Tested Tips!
  166. An Education World e-Interview with Classroom Management Expert Fred Jones
  167. Pretzels: A Weekly Activity to Develop Social Skills
  168. More Icebreakers
  169. Simple Tips for Successful Teaching
  170. Use mini-lessons to fill in time to avoid behavior problems
  171. Fun games to fill in small spaces of time to avoid behavior problems
  172. Folktales of Cooperation for Your K-3 Class
  173. Computer Rules Prevent Problems
  174. Pre-service Educators: Classroom Management
  175. ADHD Owners Manual-Including Behavioral Interventions
  176. Mr. Tim's Teacher Tips
  177. Clinical Behavioral Research
  178. Educators for Social Responsibility
  179. Structure Before Instruction
  180. Helpful Advice from Rookies
  181. Controlling Verbal Confrontations
  182. Documenting Student Behavior
  183. Behavior Escalates
  184. Stop Unwanted Behavior
  185. Management Systems
  186. Omission Training: The Obnoxious Student Who Doesn't Care
  187. Responsibility Training
  188. Setting up a structure before instruction for good management
  189. Time on Task
  190. How to handle transition time in the classroom
  191. Mrs. Young's page on classroom behavior!
  192. Friday's Fun Discipline Plan
  193. Reach for the Stars - Effective Classroom Management and Discipline
  194. Fred Jones Positive Classroom Management
  195. Dealing with students that drive you crazy
  196. New Teachers Creating A Consistent Design For Discipline
  197. Classroom Bulletin Boards
  198. Classroom Discipline Research with a variety of Toolkits
  199. The Teacher's Desk
  200. Simple ideas to successful classroom management
  201. Ginny's Virtual Trips into Classroom Management
  202. Fun ideas for management such as Lunch Bunch and Behavior conferencing
  203. Building A Classroom Community
  204. Printable "Behavior Report" for Use in Your Classroom
  205. Preventive Discipline Management
  206. Preventive discipline and management
  207. Classroom Management Plan
  208. Dealing with misbehavior quickly.
  209. A Beginning Teacher's Diary (Behavior Management, Classroom Rules, Etc.)
  210. Assertive Discipline in Schools Leads to Better Exam Results
  211. Canter and Jones models of classroom management
  212. Creating a Discipline Plan That Works For You
  213. Ideas and philosophies on classroom management
  214. Classroom Management- First Days of School
  215. The Innovative Classroom
  216. Beginning Teacher's Tool Box
  217. Teaching Styles, Classroom Management and Lesson Development Skills
  218. Teacher Behavior: Classroom Management
  219. Cooperative Learning Strategies
  220. Encouraging Friendship and Respect Among Classmates
  221. Instruction, Motivation, Assessment & Classroom Management
  222. Center for Talented Youth of Johns Hopkins University: Classroom Management
  223. Managing the behavior problems of young kids in the classroom.
  224. Internet Knowledge Exploration: Classroom Management Strategies
  225. Bulletin Boards For All Seasons
  226. Keeping Peace: Using Activities and Books To Promote Peaceable Behavior
  227. Promote Self-Worth
  228. Positive Classroom Management Hotlist
  229. Tips to maintain classroom discipline
  230. Making Life Easy for Your Substitute Teachers
  231. Helpful Hints for A Smoother Classroom
  232. Classroom Discipline Fast and Easy - Alberta, Canada
  233. Beginning Teacher - Effective Classroom Organization
  234. Classroom Management and Rules
  235. "Do's & Don'ts: for Fostering Social Competence
  236. Teaching Tolerance to Students
  237. Strategies for Improving Children's Behavior
  238. Adjustments in Classroom Management for LD and ADHD Children
  239. League of Peaceful Schools! Need we say more?
  240. Teach 2000 Classroom Management
  241. School Discipline Articles
  242. Books for Teachers re: Classroom Management and Instruction
  243. Love and Logic!!
  244. Token Economy Classroom Discipline
  245. Discipline Without Stress, Rewards or Punishment
  246. Raise Responsibility and Promote Learning
  247. Instructional and Management Practices
  248. Changes in Classroom Management
  249. The Honor Level System: Discipline by Design
  250. Techniques for Better Classroom Management
  251. Teachers Helping Children: The Gifts Project
  252. Classroom Management
  253. Skilltalk Programs: Addressing Disruptive Behavior
  254. Classroom Management: Experience Speaks
  255. NAESP: Classroom Management Plans
  256. Collaborative Classroom
  257. Software to help learn about classroom management
  258. Positive Behavior Management: Fostering Responsible Student Behavior
  259. Handling Conflict
  260. Managing Your Classroom
  261. The Paper Chase
  262. Anger Management for Youth: Stemming Aggression and Violence
  263. Classroom Management
  264. Net-TA Classroom Management Tools for Teachers
  265. Five Tips for Guiding Children's Behavior
  266. Personal Classroom Management Plan
  267. Parent Teacher Conferences
  268. The Institute of Assertive School Discipline. Yup, it says it all!
  269. Anger Management Websites.
  270. Classroom Management: What Every Teacher Needs to Know
  271. Characteristics and Practices of Efficient Classrooms
  272. Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline
  273. "NWREL's Library In the Sky"-Information On Classroom Management
  274. Concepts of Classroom Management
  275. Setting and Maintaining Realistic Classroom Rules
  276. l Guidelines For Good Classroom Management Practice
  277. Teachers helping teachers
  278. Classroom Management for ADD/ADHD Students
  279. Teachers Helping Teachers
  280. Pennsylvania Associations of Elementary and Secondary School Principals
  281. The Classroom Management Handbook
  282. Discipline Problems, Prevention, Classroom Management Handbook
  283. Organization and Management of the Classroom
  284. Use of Classroom Rules & Procedures from Training Resources for Para-educators
  285. l Parent's Place for school teachers
  286. How to manage your homework policy
  287. Advice on how to stop unwanted behavior
  288. Whole Class Self-Monitoring
  289. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  290. Online Companion to a PBS Special - School Violence - Conflict resolution Among Students
  291. Organize your classroom and make it look great
  292. Classroom Management and Lesson Planning
  293. Resource for Training and Preparing School Volunteers in Behavior Management
  294. Guidelines for Managing the Middle School Classroom
  295. Literature On Classroom Management (And Other Educational Matters) From Prentice Hall
  296. Do You Want to Role Play? This site will give you scenarios and more!
  297. Positive Discipline
  298. Jane Nelson's Positive Discipline
  299. Positive Discipline on-line
  300. Positive discipline to help classroom management
  301. Professional reference search and author information on "Classroom Management."
  302. Classroom Management Tips for Teachers
  303. Pro Teacher! Classroom Management ideas for Elementary School Teachers
  304. Classroom Management: Behavior Management
  305. Effective Discipline Plans and Behavior Management Systems for Elementary Schools
  306. Classroom management means thoughtful planning.
  307. In the Classroom: Classroom Management
  308. Creating Caring School and Classroom communities for All Students
  309. Teaching Strategies provide the latest information on classroom management
  310. Professional development strategies and classroom management,
  311. Report Reports on Classroom Management and Teaching Methods
  312. Creating A Responsive Classroom
  313. What is your classroom management profile?
  314. Improving Classroom Management, School Discipline, and School Climate
  315. Classroom Management
  316. Managing Challenging Behavior of Children with Autism
  317. Managing Challenging Behavior
  318. Classroom Logistics
  319. Fred Jones Classroom Discipline
  320. Classroom Management Plan
  321. Conflict Resolution Ideas
  322. Classroom Strategies for Inclusive Education
  323. ADHD In The Class, Strategies For Behavior Management
  324. Teacher Desktop Software
  325. What's the climate for learning?
  326. Using bargaining and bribes as management tool
  327. The English Teacher's Classroom Rules for Behavior and Seating Charts
  328. Grade book as management tool
  329. Philosophy underlying discipline
  330. Teacher-Caused Discipline Problems
  331. Southern Poverty Law Center: Fostering Respect Among Students
  332. Classroom Management Links
  333. Stop the Bullies!
  334. The Dollar Stretcher: Thrifty Classroom Decoration Ideas
  335. Organize yourself before school starts
  336. Classroom Discipline: Student as Enemy
  337. Courtroom, Prison or Classroom
  338. Volunteers in the Classroom
  339. Teaching With Style
  340. Suite 101Classroom Discipline-A variety of Articles
  341. Lessons on Talking Back, Respect, Time Out, Etc.
  342. Classroom Management Chatboard
  343. Teachers.Net helps you create your own home page!
  344. Teacher's workshop on discipline
  345. Teacher Lesson Plans and Classroom Management
  346. Teaching Social Skills
  347. Tips and Tactics from Teachervision
  348. Teacher Voices Chat room on classroom management
  349. Fostering positive learning through modeling behaviors and thinking strategies
  350. Teacher Tips
  351. Using management techniques to decorate your classroom
  352. Teachnet's Classroom Management
  353. Behavioral and Disciplinary Ideas For The Classroom
  354. Managing classroom chores with your students
  355. Justice and discipline - let your students hold court
  356. Managing Bathroom Break Requests
  357. Managing grades-getting the students involved
  358. How to deal with troublemakers
  359. Looking for A Classroom Pledge
  360. Getting Down to Business: Tips For Starting the Day
  361. Tips on how to have a great start each day or class
  362. Space Race game for better group behavior
  363. Keeping Kids In the Classroom
  364. Managing tattletales
  365. Organize paperwork
  366. Teach-nology Essays on Classroom Management
  367. Team Discipline Behavior Management System
  368. Classroom Management from Temple's Teachers' Connection
  369. Beat the Clock Time Management
  370. Advice and tips for classroom management.
  371. The Teachers Guide to Classroom Management
  372. Grade book Application Software to Help Teachers Manage Their Classrooms
  373. Classroom management info for elementary teachers.
  374. SHHHHHH! Teachers Lil' Secrets
  375. Can Teach - Classroom Management: Discipline and Organization
  376. You CAN TEACH classroom management
  377. A List of Ways to Encourage Good Behavior
  378. Reward Ideas
  379. Creating a Random Seating Plan
  380. "I'm Done, Now What?": A List of Things One Can Do After Seat Work
  381. Amazing way to organize books, magazines, etc. in your classroom
  382. Taking the Mystery Out of Classroom Management
  383. Want a positive approach to classroom management?
  384. Classroom Management A Positive Approach by Innovative Teaching Concepts
  385. Improve Classroom Management by Improving Discussion Skills
  386. Classroom Management School Climate and School Violence
  387. Tips for Teaching High Functioning People With Autism
  388. Structured Teaching (Tips for Teaching Autistic Children in the Classroom)
  389. Classroom Management A Behavioral Approach
  390. Effective Classrooms and Schools
  391. Behaviorally Oriented Strategies
  392. Rules are in. So is independent thinking
  393. Classroom management and discipline resources
  394. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y Classroom Management Software
  395. Rivertown consultants will tell you what REALLY works in the classroom!
  396. Motivation and Classroom Management
  397. Behavior Influence Techniques
  398. Learning How To Reduce Conflicts And Aggressive Behaviors In Students
  399. Get the Facts About Other Schools
  400. Problem Kid Problem Solvers for When All Else Has Failed.
  401. Youth Change - Change your Problem Student into a Problem Solver
  402. You want to talk? Teachers lounge open for discussion.
  403. Classroom Discipline/Behavior Management (Mississippi State University)
  404. Teaching Attitudes and Expectations Can Act as Self-fulfilling Prophecies
  405. Classroom Management: Guidelines for Success
  406. Classroom Management Team
  407. Yorktown High School Classroom Rules, Goals and Grading Policies
  408. Teachers' Toolbox Ideas on Classroom Management
The links were collected by the following members of the Fall 2000 online graduate course, ED554 Modern Educational Practices, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ: Christine McClean Theresa Guardino Erica Komito Janna Van Velson Ruth Ann Buscaglia John  Walby Kristine Toland Kim LeCras Laura Tracey Lisa Cybulski Mary Ellen Kacsmar Alisa Rosen Megan Schramm-Possinger Merri Hillman Michael Boylan Peter Dixon Robyn Roditis Sandy Phillips Susan Henry Tamiko Trotman Morales Tracy Mascia Kara Ragan Danielle Devine.
This site was created on December 1, 2000, by Dr. Bill Martin, who teaches the course. He updated it on November 6, 2001, based on the follow-up work done by his Fall 2001 class.