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Reimage: PC Repair Online

The Really Useful List of Fill-in-the-Blank Web Tools for Teachers and Students
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The Really Useful List of Fill-in-the-Blank Web Tools for Teachers and Students

Are you looking for ways to make good use of the Internet in your classroom? This treasure trove of mostly fill-in-the-blank tools may be just what you need to get started. Continuing the proud tradition that began with the (now famous) The Really Big List of Classroom Management Resources, 10 valiant members of the Monmouth University online course, ED 554 OL Modern Educational Practices, worked night and day to bring you an impressive list of practical tools and resources you might really use in K-12 classrooms. “The Really Useful List” includes tools, forms, templates, checklists, and interactive activities that will enable you generate Web sites, lessons, puzzles, rubrics, projects, games and a whole lot more.  (When you are finished here, people will think are a real “Web Wizard.”)

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  1. Filamentality - One of the great fill-in-the-blank educational Web services of all time, this service enables teachers and students to create their own Hotlists, Treasure Hunts, WebQuests, and more! Here are some Web sites created by Monmouth students with Filamentality.
  2. Web-an-Flow - This another great fill-in-the-blanks Web site that guides you through creating your own web-based activities for learners. It's like Filamentality except that it charges a fee, but gives you more bells and whistles.
  3. Teach-nology - Offers teachers free access to lesson plans, printable worksheets, over 150,000 reviewed web sites, educational games, teaching / technology tips, advice from expert teachers, current education news, teacher downloads, teacher finance help, WebQuests, and teacher resources for creating just about anything a teacher could need.
  4. Teach-nology Rubric Generator - This wonderful site allows teachers to create rubrics for almost everything under the sun, i.e., behavior modification plans, handwriting, transitioning skills, reading, presentations, and more.
  5. Sites for Teachers - This excellent site is loaded with fill-in-the-blank tools for teachers that are ranked based on usage.
  6. Matt Stanton's CyberEFL - This is a site for teachers who are ready to start creating their own interactive web pages using HTML.
  7. Project Checklist - This website allows instructors to create project-based learning checklists to create guidelines for completing class projects.
  8. EduHound HotList - This is free teaching and learning tool for educators, students, parents, or anyone exploring the World Wide Web! Simply sign up and within minutes you'll be creating your own unique Web page of educational resources! Choose your own title, color theme and mascot.
  9. ABCTeach - Activities, crossword puzzles, number puzzles, games, and much more.
  10. Quiz Maker - A website that helps you create your own quizzes, worksheets or other educational activities or to access and use items that have already been created.
  11. NoteStar - This site assists students (grades 4-12) in taking notes from online sources. It is designed to assist project-based learning from the Web.
  12. iTEACH - In this fee-based service, you can create a professional web page with articles, interactive surveys, clipart, calendars, and more! Your web pages are also printable, so you can send home information in printed form as well as posting it on the Internet.
  13. Project Poster - This site allows students to post school projects and reports on the web.
  14. Puzzlemaker - This is a great site for teachers; here the teacher can make do-it-yourself crossword puzzles, math puzzles, word searches and more. The teacher types in information that is relevant to the subject being taught and Puzzlemaker does the rest.
  15. Quiz Star - This is a web-based utility that allows instructors to create a custom quiz that students can take on-line. Helpful if you have a lesson plan centered on Internet websites.
  16. RubiStar - This site allows instructors to create rubrics for project-based learning activities.
  17. Discovery WorksheetsThis worksheet allows you to create words with blanks inserted for missing letters. Your students can then fill in the missing letters by referring to a list of word clues that you provide.
  18. Custom Classroom - Custom Classroom gives you access to some of the most powerful teaching tools available online - plus the ability to save documents in your own personal account.
  19. School Adventures - This is a site for students of social studies on the middle school level. The student can take an interactive quiz on ten different regions of the world. A map along with various informational tips will help the students to comprehend and answer each question.
  20. Create a Lesson Plan - This link will take you directly to creating your own lesson plans, viewing lesson plans and editing lesson plans. All lesson plans are downloadable and printable. In order to access this information you do have to sign up as a member.
  21. Funtime - This activity area for children includes the following online activities: a daily Treasure Hunt, a money gain, learn the states and capitals, concentration, word finds, spelldown and more.
  22. School Notes - Teachers can create notes for homework and class information and post them on the web in seconds using this free community service. 
  23. The Enchanted Forest - Games of exploration, adventure, and fantasy
  24. Pop-Up Grammar - This site is an online English grammar quiz site where students can test their grammar knowledge. Several online English grammar exercises with tips and instructions are offered, and the creators feel that "our site is a perfect resource for English speakers and students who wish to study English as a second language."
  25. Scholastic Games - This site as a number of online interactive exercises and games in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science.
  26. Create a Teacher Homepage - This is another home page creator web site. This site allows you to tutorial of the site. This is another good site for teachers to create their own web page.
  27. Web Tools - Create your own teacher web page to download and edit. Pioneer new lessons with materials from the Reference Desk or Curriculum Maximizer.
  28. Teacher Posting Site - This is a fee-based teacher resource that allows them to post homework assignments and school events for the student who has online access from home. Also a great way for parents to check on homework assignments too!
  29. Teacher Web - A free personal website that's as easy to use as the bulletin board in your classroom.
  30. TrackStar - This site helps educators organize and annotate web sites for use in lessons. The resource list remains visible allowing the user to stay on track.
  31. Hot Potatoes - Hot Potatoes freeware suite includes six applications. Create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web.
  32. Web Worksheet Wizard - This web-based utility will allow a teacher to create a lesson, worksheet or class page on the web.
  33. 12TEACH - Lets you include online tests with instant feedback. You can even do grade keeping online as well as send mail to all your students.
  34. Web Assign - Allows teachers to create, deliver, and even grade assignments for students using the World Wide Web. Students listed complete the work, and submit their responses on their web browsers. The site collects, stores, and grades all student responses. The program allows you to ask multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, numerical, and essay questions, and all but essays are graded automatically. An easy interface is provided for you to grade all essay questions.
  35. Blackboard - A free service that enables instructors to add an online component to their classes, or even host an entire course on the Web.
  36. Ed Helper - Over 250 worksheets, 1,000 WebQuests and 9,000 lesson plans.
  37. Archive Creative Puzzles - This is an interactive puzzle archive where the user can find descriptions for puzzle construction and a special children's puzzle page.
  38. EBOARD - Your own "Virtual Corkboard" where you can post messages, photos and links