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The Really Best List of Classroom Management Resources

The Really Best List of Classroom Management Resources

Having that dream again?  The one where the principal walks in, just as a paper airplane and a spitball simultaneously sail across the room?  Or how about that dream where your class becomes an actual three-ring circus. We're here to help!  Check out this new and improved collection of links culled from The Really Big List of Classroom Management Resources.   ... If you are interested in making better use of the Internet try The Really Useful List of Fill-in-the-Blank Web Tools for Teachers and Students.

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  1. Connecting With Your Students Offers insight to relating to students such as accommodating diverse learning styles.  Also provides tips on how to arrange the classroom in order to minimize distractions.
  2. Teacher Focus In addition to some good resources, there are forums for teachers to discuss a variety of topics and professional concerns.
  3. Center for Adolescent Studies at Indiana University This comprehensive site contains a wealth of  guidelines for classroom management.  It includes an informative section on student teaching with great tips for a successful experience.  
  4. Clearinghouse on Educational Management This is an article published by ERIC digests providing quality information on the topic of school discipline. It could be utilized by a first year teacher or a 20 year veteran. The article explains the school characteristics that are associated with discipline problems and then offers ideas, thoughts, and strategies for decreasing disruptive behavior. 
  5. Web-Based Interactive Teacher Development In Classroom Management This site was developed to assist student teachers and first year teachers with their classroom management skills. It has a classroom management database which provides published articles and papers on classroom management. 
  6. Tips for Creating a Peaceful Classroom This a site that is very quick and to the point. It contains seven tips for creating a more peaceful classroom.  At the bottom of the site is a useful link on school violence.
  7. Classroom Management There are a number of good tips regarding the first day of school and a list of 101 things to do the first 3 weeks of school. The site lists many different categories you may need to someday address such as failure to perform a task, failure to pay attention and lack of interest -- all important issues when it comes to managing a classroom effectively. 
  8.  Welcome to Classroom Management Appropriately titled, this is an interactive and visually pleasing site.  Offers an abundance of information that is well organized and easy to navigate.  Most noteworthy is the information on how to be positive in the classroom. 
  9. Ms. LeBeau's Webpage for Classroom Management and Discipline This is a very colorful and catchy website for ideas on classroom management. This site includes a section for building confidence for first year teachers.
  10. University of Washington's Center for Instructional Development Having trouble with testing and grading? At this site there are many new and innovative ideas for teachers to develop new ways of testing and grading. 
  11. Preparing Teachers for Conflict Resolution Have you experienced some tension between two or more students in your class? With the new trend of legal issues in today's society this site will give you ways to protect and prepare you for resolving the situation at hand.
  12. Classroom Management: Starting Off Right This site offers links to a variety of topics including what to do the first day of school, icebreakers, and many other practical tips for managing the classroom efficiently right from the start.  A useful site for veteran as well as novice teachers.
  13. Ways To Catch Kids Being Good This website provides a unique idea for behavioral management. The idea is to catch students while they are at their best behavior in the classroom. A number of ways are provided on the website to catch students being good. 
  14. Techniques that Backfire In this website you are provided with a list of techniques that backfire in the classroom. This link gives the educator eleven techniques that you can use in your classroom that will help you achieve effective group management and control. 
  15. School Manner's Madness This website lists what annoys other kids and teachers. The lists are extremely real and quite funny in many ways. After you check the annoying annoyances, you can try some of the many activities listed at the end of the website. One great activity is to have the students read the lists and decide if they agree with them.
  16. Simple Ways to Help Children with Special Needs  This is a very handy website. It provides useful tips to teachers regarding special needs students in a simple format. These tips are arranged under a variety of headings including modification, inattention, impulsivity, hyperactivity, academic success, organizational skills. 
  17. Ideas for Many Areas of Classroom Management  This website carries a vast collection of ideas on teacher related topics. These ideas range from innovative teaching strategies, classroom decor and class organization for enhancing classroom management.
  18. Classroom Discipline and Management Tips This website is about involving students in the classroom management plan. It also places a heavy emphasis on character education and offers the reader numerous links on this topic. 
  19. Managing the Parent-Teacher Conference  This website answers the basic, essential questions about parent-teacher conferences, a comfort for new teachers.
  20. Ways to Energize Your Students This site is filled with fun ways to energize and motivate students. It includes games and activities that will get your students out of their seats and encourage them to work together as a team to complete fun games or projects. 
  21. Classroom Jobs - Classroom Management This site lists lots of great ideas on how to get your students involved in the everyday activities in your classroom. Great tips such as assigning a "class librarian" and a "classroom helper of the day" can motivate your students to be involved in running a smooth classroom. Best of all, the ideas on this page come from experienced teachers! 
  22. Strategies for Teaching Children With Behavior Disorders This site is incredibly informative with information and strategies for dealing with students in many different situations. This site could serve as a great reference tool for teachers at any experience level.
  23. Dr. Mac's Behavior Management Site There are tons of links to sites on behavior/classroom management, including how to access behavior problems to how to manage these problems! 
  24. Classroom Strategies and Implementation Classroom Management: Strategies and Implementation: This article by Allen Truell summarizes some of Alfie Kohn's strategies contained in: "What to look for in a classroom" 
  25. Advise for First Year Teachers From the Principals Who Hired Them Also a link for more great advice from teachers who have survived their first year of teaching. Check it out and get a confidence boost prior to that first important day in the classroom. (The site comes up looking a bit blank. Don’t give up! You have to scroll down a bit to get to the article.) 
  26. Are you an Educator for Social Responsibility A great resource for current issues that are on the minds of students and teachers. Lesson plans are included which are designed to help teachers and students discuss and understand current issues such as: war, peace, conflict, retaliation, prejudice, discrimination, propaganda, and a range of divergent points of view. An extremely relevant and timely site. 
  27. Teaching Help - Classroom Management Topics Do you consider teaching a profession or just a job? If your answer is a profession, check out this site. Useful to pre-service teachers, student teachers, substitutes, current teachers and parents, it includes a good amount of information on the topics of planning for and starting out the school year, classroom management and instruction ideas. Includes observations of Dr. Fred Jones (Positive Classroom Discipline and Positive Classroom Instruction) and Dr. Madeline Hunter (Clinical Teaching).
  28. Classroom Management- First Days of School This site is divided into three sections: first days of school, discipline, and miscellaneous classroom management and classroom organization. First days of school is a great section for new teachers to look at because it discusses common mistakes, positive expectations (ways teachers should act with both colleagues and students and ways teachers can act professional), and classroom management, a very important aspect of the learning environment. 
  29. Ideas and Philosophies on Classroom Management This website is an excellent resource for both beginning and experienced teachers. It  is full of information on a variety of topics ranging from information for education majors to mentoring. 
  30. Mrs. Young's Page on Classroom Behavior! This site is extremely informative for all teachers for a variety of topics of interest. Some topics included are lesson planning, specific subject areas, classroom management, special needs, multiculturalism, multiple intelligences and many others. Although not all of the topics discussed are related directly to classroom management, they can prove to be very useful for all teachers. 
  31. Beginning Teacher's Tool Box Student teachers, substitutes, and first year teachers, feeling overwhelmed? Well this site is sure to help you ease into the wonderful and rewarding challenge of being a teacher. Check out how to be a “Survivor.” Also, find diverse ways to get connected in this world with in-service opportunities. 
  32. Teach 2000 This is a great site for any teacher to use in helping to teach them how easy it is to successfully integrate technology into their classrooms. This site even lets you post feedback and questions, and allows you to talk with professionals. 
  33. Differentiated Classroom This is a unique website devoted to helping teachers learn how to effectively prepare for and manage the diverseness of all their students. 
  34. Positive Classroom Management This site is dedicated to a book of the same name. There are several great links to sites relating to disabilities.
  35. The Innovative Classroom Links to many sites, the classroom management part is very helpful and includes many interesting tips.  This sight is great for those special education teachers or elementary level teachers who integrate thematic units.
  36. You Can Handle Them All! Johns Hopkins University site with suggestions, tips and links for class management. Also includes other educational resources. A great source. 
  37. New Teachers Read This! Helps new teachers with classroom management. Discusses teaching styles, effective guidelines and procedures. 
  38. Hotlist on Classroom Management Classroom management, classroom discipline and management for students with special needs. This site was created using a free service called "Filamentality." 
  39. Managing Your Classroom Tips on behavior, attendance, basic organization. Seems like a great source for all teachers. This is a great site to see that you are not all alone in the classroom.
  40. Managing Children's Behavior Link to the National Network for Child Care. The information is pretty basic but easy to follow and understand. Procedures for time-outs and steps to follow for managing the classroom.
  41. Southern Poverty Law Center: Fostering Respect Among Students There are many possible opportunities to enlighten yourself about raising the consciousness of young people at this website.
  42. Classroom Management This site describes how to organize your classroom for a child with autism. 
  43. Classroom Management Chatboard This site offers teachers a great way to communicate with others from around the country (or world) about managing classrooms. 
  44. Philosophy Underlying Discipline Contains pithy, informative, of the "why didn't I realize that before" variety of "How To" articles. 
  45. Thrifty Classroom Decorations Hits a new teacher wear it counts-in the pocketbook. Practical, useful list of ways to obtain free classroom materials. 
  46. Stop the Bullies! A listing of excellent K-8 novels to enlist when a teacher needs help addressing this painful issue.
  47. Tips and Advice for Teachers on Handling Discipline This is a great site which teaches alternatives to violence, perspective taking skills for younger students, alternatives to bad behavior, and other behavior modifications strategies for students. The site offers good advice and has a questions and answers section for teachers who may be confronting similar discipline problems in schools. The author offers other resources and other links for more information.
  48. Getting Down to Business: Tips For Starting the Day This is a cute site that offers teachers tips on really nice ways to start the day for teacher and students. Some examples are playing calming instrumental music, journal writing, singing and clapping, a personalized good morning (high five or personal acknowledgement), eating breakfast or lunch in the classroom, joke of the day or riddle of the day written on the board and discussed.
  49. Classroom Management and More Very good overall teacher site. The site’s resources include classroom management information, lesson plans, teacher’s tools and store, newsletters, and a professional development link. 
  50. Teaching Tips To Have a Great Year This is nice site that talks about classroom little classroom jobs and activities for students, tips on grading papers, activities for speedy finishers, leaving sub plans, grading advice, and other small tips for teachers to ensure that the year goes smoothly and is fun for everyone.
  51. Managing a Computer in the Classroom Great information for a teacher that needs to know how to integrate a computer into the classroom. This site includes links to web based educational resources. 
  52. Can Teach Lists many common questions and necessary information pertaining to successful implementation of classroom management skills.
  53. Tips for Teaching Autistic Children in the Classroom The site offers good and sound guidance. It is a bit wordy and not graphically interesting, but practical and informative.
  54. Tips for Teaching High Functioning People With Autism This site is practical and to the point. Key concepts stand out nicely and clearly.
  55. Classroom Management School Climate and School Violence This site is reliable, credible, interesting and has a large variety of links (the links are all credible too- links to pages that are university sponsored and places like "Education World"). 


These links were selected and described by the members of the Fall 2001 online course, ED554 OL Modern Educational Practices, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ: Stacey Hogan, Dawn Graff, Ann Marie Callahan, Jeff Jackson, Diane Clossey, Greg Altmajer, Tim Coakley, Michael Iasparro, Cheryl Leonardis, Meaghan Kelley, Lori Lo Cicero, Amy Ilaria, Susan Winfree, Jen Cosgrove, Ellen Kelly, Melissa Manni, Tim Donovan, Nusrat Sohail, Evan Wigdortz, Matt Strippoli, Melanie Kass, Shannon Cohen.
The site was created on November 2, 2001, by Dr. Bill Martin, who taught the course. The page was last updated on November 18, 2002 and is no longer maintained.